Not only building professionals but also the general public need to know that solar responsive design can save much energy and thereby both money and the environment, and heliodons are the best way to convince and energize people.  The professionals also need to know how to design solar responsive buildings, and again, heliodons are excellent tools in creating that expertise.

The most direct and obvious application of heliodons is in schools of architecture, planning, and building construction where they can:


• teach solar geometry

• teach solar responsive design strategies

• test performance of solar responsive designs

• help students design solar strategies interactively with the heliodon

• be used in presentations to show the benefits and soundness of the design


Heliodons can be used in science and technology museums to:


• teach solar geometry

• demonstrate the potential benefits of solar responsive design

• actually teach solar responsive design


Heliodons can be used in schools at all levels from K-12 plus college to:


• teach solar geometry

• demonstrate the potential of solar responsive design

• teach solar responsive design

• design solar buildings

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